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AFA will be going to Indonesia on 1st and 2nd Sept. This time i will attend this event as ringo(…) as part of the maid in moe moe kyun cafe!! Sorry that didnt update anything about AFAMY, becouse kinda busy with my taiwan trip. This time AFAID will be my 2nd times work in MMK~~ feel very honor can be part of mmk and really grateful asking me to join again for AFAID MMK~ check up more from the page!…

Here also got our Atelier Royal butler cafe with full of bushie butlers (!…)~ Go support them and have a new experience! XD

And u cant miss the awesome Super Anisong Stage concert(… with Ichiro Mitsuki, Sterophony, Lisa, Kotoko, 7!! and SeaA

Also how can u miss this chance to meet Kaname and Akatsuki Tsukasa!*w* check out the main page for more activity ( if u stay around Jakarta, dont miss this awesome event and hope to see you all there!! XD
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oktavianusbenny Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
what city you will visit in indonesia ??
if you visit malang city , i want to take picture of youu !
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